Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LOVE is a universal word and everyone will succumb to LOVE....

~~~ I alway see my self as a person abundance with LOVE. I am happy to show and give LOVE to people who are not my flesh and blood. For I treasure what ever LOVE that everyone has given me for the past 45 years. I am what I am because I receive unconditional LOVE by all of them. They accept me for who I am, what I am and not how much money I have to my name ( that I can assure you not very much indeed !!!) They simply want to have me around becoz I love them and vice versa.

~~~My opinion to those murder,baby abandoning, prostitution, drug abuse, 'rempits' , robberies, burning of human being are all because they don't LOVE themselves and neither do they LOVE other human being. Why I say this, because if they LOVE their freedom they will never ever commit to those heartless act of savage !!!! Uncivilised act of destruction of human lives as though they are Allmighty ALLAH..... If they are not caught by the law then ALLAH will surely wait for them in Padang Mahsyar !!! Some will get years jail term n a prison is not a place to enjoy nor for holidays. But it will not deter any of them from doing neither of the above becoz it promised wealth n prestige eg robbers n drug pushers....

~~~So to those contemplating of changing into these profession, please think a dozen time n probably more hundred times before doing it !!! Its not your road to richness but its the road to dooms day...... Answering to ALLAH SWT...........I assure you that it is much hurtfull than whipping in the prison !!! There's no where to run n hide !!!

~~~ So I suggest, why not be kind, have more LOVE; for your selves n others, be a law abiding citizen( not even for jay walking nor a speeding ticket!!!) and have more private sessions daily with ALLAH ( solat n doa ; like you're going to die tommorow !!) and LOVE your parents who push all the difficulities to bring you into this world safely n I might add 'legally' and if you have family of your own, think of them n remember they will ask for their rights in front of ALLAH in Mahsyar. Show good example to your own kids. Do you want them to follow your footsteps ? Are you ready for all this ?..... Nauuzubillah