Friday, October 8, 2010


We always want a rosy bed life, which is easy and no hurdles. You live a life full of happiness, wealth n health. But if suddenly all is taken back ; not all in the real sense but little bit, its as though Allah has taken away all of it !!! Please be reminded that when Allah bestows anything ; be it good or bad, its because Allah knows the said person is able to overcome and will obey n be close to Allah. Hardship is a way Allah wants us to remember that all are from Him and he is the only one to ask and who can help us human being. Its his way of giving bonus to those who adhere to his law....

It is all right for you to cry n loads off your feeling of sadness n grieve ; for he wants to listen and to tell all of us that he is always there to hear out what ever that we like to share with him. He is a patient listener and after listening he knows whats good for each and every one of us !!! That is how great he is !!! We are mere humans and we tend to forget that we are in His world and there is another place that all of us regardless of believe, religion n creed will assemble. At this place we shall know all our mistakes n good deeds that we've done.... Its going to be like a film show.

To obey is a simple act but humans like to test Allah's patience.He lets you do whatever you want but WAIT......There is a time and place before you'll be judge for all of your life's drama.

Be moderate in whatever you do. Try to be a good person and always be reminded that there is the day after............ This advice is for you and I.....ALMIGHTY-GOD IS GREAT ~ALLAH HU AKBAR