Friday, November 5, 2010


Nowdays many people are out looking for old friend, old schoolmates, officemates n etc in the name of re-union. They were together many years back and would like to meet up again after a long absense. I guess its a good move to meet up and to rekindle memories.

What I wonder here is ; are there old feelings surfacing after meeting up again? I see that they come alone, not with their spouse. Is it because the spouses would like to give 'chance' to the other half to meet with old friends? Or the spouses do not want to see the other half 'happiness' meeting again with the 'flower of their dream' ? heheheeh. This I would love to watch !!!

I think whatever feelings and hopes you have for the re-union , I might add wish too ; that is in your heart , is up to you. You know what life you have now and do you want to jeorpardise what you have, for something you had a long long time ago. This will create a problem if you at the present are having difficulties in both of your lifes. You will see this as an escape route to all troubles that you are going thru..... That is why after re unions you bound to get some couples in haywire , all becoz third party intrusion !!!

What I can advice to those spouses be it wife or husband :

i ~ Be open minded in letting your other half enjoy their day. Do not be a spoil sport !!!

ii ~ If you cannot handle your feelings , send him @ her there and go back @ go and do something else, somewhere else

iii ~ Be supportive, be there for her @ him. They'll appreciate it. Listen to their happiness n be understanding. They are happy !!!

iv ~ Don't show discomfort ; so (ii) comes into effect. GO ELSEWHERE !!! Be happy for them...

iiv ~ You love him @ her , believe in the love both of you have !!! Tell her @ him that you believe in them and this is just like any other day in both of your lives....

~ ~ ~ The thing is LOVE and BELIEVE. You'll be okay my friend.............